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This System Contains CUI//PRVCY
Defense Travel System

About DTS

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Travelers using DTS can search for up-to-date airline, hotel and rental car reservations, as well as check current per diem rates for travel locations online. Travelers can prepare their own documents or with the proper permission, documents for others.

Travelers and unit travel clerks are able to:

  • Input and update travel documents
  • Update travel preferences in a personal profile
  • Create a travel voucher from an approved Travel Authorization (TA)
  • Create a local voucher
  • Input and digitally sign actual trip information
  • Determine the status of an authorization or voucher at any time.

DTS allows the traveler, if authorized, to select the Line of Accounting (LOA) to which his or her travel expenses will be charged. However, DTS is not an official accounting system. DTS can check travel targets loaded in the budget module and simplify the process of making should-cost estimates, but it is not designed to substitute for official accounting procedures. DTS maintains a routing list of the personnel who need to review or approve a document. The traveler, once he or she has filled out their document, signs the document electronically (with a PKI-encrypted digital signature); the Authorizing Official (AO) stamps the document electronically with an approval or a cancellation.